Caleb Neelon

description of piece or artist

Christopher Millis of the Boston Phoenix writes this about Caleb Neelon:

Jean DuBuffet meets Keith Haring in the mixed-media sculptural installation The Amihoutornaut. Caleb Neelon (a/k/a Sonik) draws on the bright colors and pared-down simplicity of children's-book illustrations and outsider art for his recurrent images of farm animals and shoes and pithy aphorisms. Just when you think you've got a handle on his hodge-podge aesthetic (he makes me think of an interior decorator on crystal meth: no matter how twisted, he's always harmonious), you catch sight of an enigmatic, provocative panel, like the one of a pyramid-shaped cartoon character covered in large white dots. The character lies sandwiched between two phrases, "on my way home" and "I spotted a fat man."/p>

Please visit Caleb Neelon's website for more information about him.

description of piece or artist

"Art in the woods."