Ghosts in the Machine

Paintings by Cristi Rinklin and Sarah Walker

Curated by Kathleen Bitetti

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February 14 - March 16

Two 20th century inventions, the computer and by extension cyberspace, have redefined how a majority of the population of the world interact and think. No one - except the science fiction writers- could have imagined the impact of these two inventions. Technology and the abstract thinking that goes hand in hand with it have also changed how artists make art. Both the computer and internet have had a traceable impact on painters. Cyberspace is one of the new frontiers to be explored and now anyone with access to a computer can do so.

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Exploration is not just for an exclusive few. Cyberspace is said to be haunted with viruses, worms, monsters of some kind, and those wishing to do evil and good. Such is also speculated about outer space. Before humankind was so fixated on exploring outer space, the ocean was thought to harbor such creatures and still to this day is the subject of vigorous exploration. There has been much speculation that the unknown and unexplored regions of the human mind also contain such things and when technology is inserted into this terrain the outcome becomes even more uncertain. The writings of Arthur Koestler, in particular his work Ghost in the Machine, and the depiction of a future otherworld in the 1996 Japanese animation film, Ghost in the Shell, both come to mind.

The two Boston-based painters paired for this exhibition, Cristi Rinklin and Sarah Walker, reference and harness many of these explorations and speculations in their work.

- Kathleen Bitetti

This Exhibit is presented by Evos Arts in partnership with the Artists Foundation.

"Art in the woods."