Structure: Infra-Exo: art work by Alex Lukas and Ryan Shea-Pare

description of piece or artist

Alex Lukas

There are a few technological advancements in our history that have changed the face of our landscape. The automobile necessitated highways, television put antennas on rooftops, and skyscrapers were made possible through reinforced steel.

The spread of electricity and the telephone were accompanied by an enormous man-made system supporting the infrastructure of these new conveniences. These power lines became entangled overhead, creating a canopy of conversations and power that dance along side as you ride. It moves up and down with an unintentional rhythm creating a forest where you'd least expect it. This group of drawings is part of a continuing visual exploration of the less noticed beauties that exist around us.

Alex Lukas was born and raised in Cambridge, MA. His work has been shown in Boston, Providence RI, San Francisco, San Jose, CA and Rome, Italy. He will be included in an upcoming group show in Brooklyn, NY. Alex will graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design in June of this year.

description of piece or artist

Ryan Shea-Pare

At one time these buildings' strong exteriors were booming with the bustle of commerce. They stood, sterile yet striking, dominating their skylines. But during the economic turndowns, and with businesses closing, time began to take its toll.

The result was a new aesthetic. The buildings were gutted, windows broken, wood rotted, and metal oxidized. Then earth grew up all around them introducing the beauty of natures force colliding with the works of man. This is the subject of, and much of the inspiration for my work.

I have always believed in the power of the black and white image. It's ability to convey complex ideas with very little information - or even color. The prints and broadsheets of Jose Guadalupe Posada have influenced this series - even they differ greatly in style and subject.

Ryan J. Shea Pare was raised in Cambridge, MA. He graduated Cum Laude from Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Graphic Design. Recently Ryan's work has been featured at colleges in the Boston Area.

"Art in the woods."